Chairman’s Message

It is an honor to serve you as the Rodeway Owners Association (ROA) Chairman for 2013-2014 and to have the opportunity to continue to work with such a wonderful group of ROA Regional Directors. I would like to acknowledge each of the directors for the many hours and their efforts to improve the brand as a whole and ultimately improve the guest experience. As you all know, Rodeway Inns are among the 11 brands of the Choice Hotels family, with over 450 hotels nationwide.

Over the past year, your Board has closely with representatives from Choice  reviewing initiatives and policies on your behalf.  We hosted the Fall Regional meetings in October and November last year, in partnership with ChoiceUniversity® at Disneyland Anaheim and Disney World Orlando. The licensees who attended  gained a great deal of practical knowledge to take back to their hotels by going behind-the-scenes and experiencing firsthand, the time-tested business philosophies at one of the leading business operations in the world, Disney.

Most recently, Your Rodeway Owners Association Board unanimously voted to utilize the reserve capital to activate all Rodeway properties into the Choice Co-op program.

For all owners that were not previously a member of Co-op, if you visit the Regional Landing Pages, you will find your Rodeway Inn® property listed. For all Owners that were already a member of Co-op, expect to receive a retroactive period credit on your fall franchise invoice. Because of our 100 percent participation in the Co-op Marketing program, Choice Hotels is matching 100 percent of the funds contributed by Rodeway Inn properties!

The goals of your association are quite direct and simple:

  1. Focus the voices of our membership. Be engaged, and be able to inform the licensees about the initiatives from Choice and be able to give Choice a pulse on feedback from the licensees
  2. Increase the participation of the economy brands in the Co-op marketing program.  This is a valuable program that we wholly endorse.
  3. Ensure that you are getting the best possible  ROI on every program that Choice requires of the Rodeway Inn brand.

We are only as strong as our membership base. In the past, we encouraged our licensees to go to to get news and information about the Association.  We are now sending the important information directly to you.  We have been sending these communications directly to the Choice General Manager email accounts.  If you would like to receive them at a different email, please sign-up today. We will never send spam emails, and only send you relevant information targeted towards the success of your property and association updates.

Remember to visit frequently to get updates on Town Hall Meeting dates and locations and other brand communications.

Thank you,

Rajal Patel, CHA

Chairman, Rodeway Owners Association