October Conference Call



Attendees: Rajal, Amit, David, Kay, Dinu, Manoj



Rebuild and Fall Regional update from Manoj
Foxwoods Meeting, and reputation management update with Dinu
CHOC Fall Regional discussion with Rajal
General Matters Update from David and Kay


Dinu to meet with ELFA at Foxwood regarding Reputation Management.


COOP fees:  ELFA asking us to raise fees and we are declining.  We are also asking that they not involve us in such matters.


ELFA invited us to a meeting with Choice on Nov 18th regarding the Reputation Management.  Dinu has agreed to go.


CHOC:  Discussion from Rajal regarding CHOC meeting.  Possibility of working with CHOC on Fall Regionals


Rebuild:  11 registered.  $15k grant.  “You guys are a blessing from the heavens.” Ferafina Jones.  Renovating her bathroom.  Kits will be ready to develop the patio.  Paint all of the interior.  Lots of prep work taking place.

David: nothing to report

Kay: nothing to report

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