What is Your Return on Investment (ROI) for Your Rodeway Inn® Hotel With Co-Op?

Shruti_BhaktaBy Shruti Bhakta, Region 4 Director

Marketing is an area that small scale properties hesitate from investing in because the return on investment is difficult to track.  Marketing in 2016 is more than just flyers, billboards, TV ads, magazines, and brochures.

Our Co-Op Marketing program has proven to show a good ROI for Rodeway Inn hotels.

How does your property benefit?  Co-Op has regional teams, including elected volunteer Franchisees, working with Choice Hotels and third party marketing experts to invest nationally, regionally, and by state to optimize the allocation of marketing funds.  Members of Co-Op are marketed primarily through various online banners and keywords.  Since small hotels do not have a large budget for online marketing, participation in this program is one way to ensure your hotel is getting more exposure to guests who make travel arrangements online.  Only current members of Co-Op are able to view which reservations are received through Co-Op marketing on ChoiceCentral.  The Co-Op return on digital media marketing is now averaging $11.68 for every $1 spent.  The low cost membership fees means a maximum return on investment for your marketing dollars.

How much does it cost?  The cost per year is $1 per room per month.  There are no additional fees or commissions for being a part of Co-Op except the annual enrollment fee.  Co-op has proven to work for your hotel and only members of Co-Op will continue to be marketed through the program.  In addition, Choice Hotels invests about $2 million across the nation to assist in Co-Op marketing on a national and regional level, which is combined with approximately $3 million from Co-Op participating hotels.

How do Co-Op members know their return?  Members can view reservations and gross revenue associated with their Co-Op investimen on ChoiceCentral.com > QuickLinks > Property Info Manager > Reports > Co-Op Online Banner Report.    .

What if I do not make money with this investment?  If you do not receive revenue equal to or above your entrollment fee, you will receive a full refund, or the next year is FREE!!!

To enroll in Co-Op, visit ChoiceCentral.com > Marketing > Choice Co-Op Marketing Program > Economy Co-Op Marketing Program Membership Applications > Rodeway and Suburban Co-op Online Marketing Overview.

For additional information on Co-Op, contact your Area Director, Regional Co-Op Contact, or Joey Martin, Program Director, at 301-628-4404 joey_martin@ChoiceHotels.com.