What is Co-op Marketing?


What is the Choice Co-op Marketing Program?

Each year Choice Hotels invests a portion of marketing funds, which are combined with funds from Co-op participating hotels to increase revenue and brand awareness at the regional, state and local level through targeted marketing campaigns. These campaigns are aligned with Choice’s national promotions utilizing online channels to gain the greatest return.

Join Your Fellow Franchisees

Currently, over 4,200 Choice brand hotels across the U.S. participate in the Co-op Marketing program, including more than 40 percent of Rodeway Inn properties.

Why should you join the Co-op Marketing Program?

  • Overall Co-op return on digital marketing is now averaging $11.68 for every $1 of spend
  • Low cost membership fees mean a maximum return on investment for your marketing dollars
  • Your marketing dollars are dedicated to benefiting your brand and specific market
  • Co-op member hotels can access customized brand specific templates for NO COST via SmartMarketing that can be printed through Choice approved vendors or your local printer. (Cost of printing is paid by the hotel).
  • If you don’t receive revenue equal to or above your enrollment fee, you will receive a full refund, or the next year is FREE (either option)

Track Your Results

Co-op members can view reservations and gross revenue associated with their investment each month on ChoiceCentral.com> > QuickLinks> Property Info Manager>Reports> Co-op Online Banner Report.

How much does it cost?

Co-op Annual Fees are $1 per room, per month

Ready to sign up?

Complete the enrollment form on ChoiceCentral.com or contact your Area Director.