New Internet Landing Page Now in Effect

Message from the ROA Board

In 2018, Choice launched a new branded, customized Internet Landing Page for each hotel. It is important to note that this is not a requirement change. The Rules & Regulations have required that all Rodeway Inn® hotels redirect guests to a brand-specified landing page for some time now. Typically, the landing page web address is programmed into the hotel’s onsite Wi-Fi network hardware. Ultimately, it is each hotel’s responsibility to ensure that the landing page is loaded and visible to guests.

Your Rodeway Owners Association Board understands that many of you manage your hotel’s network and do not have support from an outside vendor or that based on your location, internet access is not reliable.

We have shared these concerns with the Brand Programs team at Choice and they are available to assist you.

If the new page is not active at your hotel, please take these steps immediately:

1. Visit the Rodeway brand page on and click on the Internet Landing Page Initiative in the Hot Topics section for all necessary information.

2. If you are having difficulty implementing the new Internet Landing Page at your hotel, please email the Brand Programs team today at They will assist you as much as possible.