September Conference Call Minutes

Minutes from conference call 9/18/13


Attendees: Saudia, Wendy Beech, Amit, Craig, Dinu, Manoj, Neil, Kay, Raj,


Saudia discussed Rodeway Cause of road safety.  Discussion ensued regarding the goals and purpose of the Rodeway Association.   Discussion also ensued regarding the use of the $80k in reserves.  Craig doesn’t see a problem with using reserves for cause marketing in the future.  Craig recommended getting together with Saudia to determine future cause marketing.  Rajal brought up concerns regarding the short time frame to make a decision.


Repetition management tools.  Craig mentioned that 25% of Rodeway’s are using the tools and that on average 26 responses per hotel would be needed.


Manoj asked about a $1001.00 for a donation to The Surti Leva Patidar Samaj of Southern California

Neil asked about a $500.00 for a donation to Asian American Sports Club of San Diego – AASCSD


David gave an update on the Fall regionals.

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